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"I was really surprised at how great these lights are! I have held off on buying them for a long time because I didn't think they would be bright enough but they really were and I like that I could hide the cord!"

- Rebecca F -


"I have been using these lights for about month and a half now and so far I love them! All the lights have adhered to my mirror with no problem. I 100% recommend. Make sure to clean your mirror before placing them."

- Jacqueline D-


"Perfect and easy to install. The wires can be tucked behind your mirror and secured with tape to make it look super clean and put together. Love my vanity lights"

- Chelsea S -


"Best lights ever I recommend these 100%. It truly makes a difference. Even with the light on in my room when I turn these lights on it makes it 1 million times brighter it works so well when I’m doing my make up in the evening and there’s no sun shining in!"

- Ashley N -

Why Do You Need a Vanity Mirror?